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Over the last decade, weekend getaways have become increasingly popular. In fact, many people choose to spend their weekends away from home in order to disconnect from their hectic everyday lives. Weekend excursions have the added benefit of allowing you to unwind from your hectic daily routine. Weekend vacations may be a lot of fun as well. It might be a lot of fun to just sit in your car or fly somewhere for a short excursion. Because you’ll be visiting so many various areas throughout your weekend getaways, it’s likely that you’ll gain a new perspective on life in general. Read on for where to plan a weekend getaway in Alberta.



In Alberta, Canada, Jasper National Park is a vast wilderness area. The largest national park in the Canadian Rockies is a genuinely unique site with a superb network of hiking routes, spectacular scenery, and natural attractions. Jasper is a walkable town with no need for a car, but the scenario changes once you decide to explore the surrounding area, which is, after all, the main point of the trip. Various tours are an intriguing way to see Jasper National Park, and they combine the convenience of pre-arranged transportation with the expertise of a skilled guide. If you’re looking for things to do in Jasper, there are plenty of natural attractions to pick from, but it’s easy to get off the beaten road and into the heart of the Canadian wilderness.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise, in the Canadian Rockies, is well-known for its beauty. The blue ocean and sharp-edged mountains on all sides make it a must-see destination. However, due to overpopulation here and at adjacent Moraine Lake, it’s become a must-avoid spot from May through October. Restaurants, bars, shops, a spa, beautiful grounds, and sports equipment rentals are all available at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Although guests are given priority, many of the Chateau’s facilities are open to the general public. 


There is no shortage of things to do in Edmonton thanks to its thriving cultural and art scene. Because Edmonton is home to a diverse population of cultures, the eateries reflect this diversity. According to the Independent, Edmonton is Canada’s most fascinating culinary metropolis, with food that is “increasingly imaginative and experimental.” Edmonton is home to numerous colleges, technical institutes, and prestigious universities.


Banff National Park is unlike any other place on the planet. In the summer, it’s difficult to avoid the crowds in and around Banff. Although Banff National Park is larger than other countries, most visitors to the park visit the same locations. Over 85% of park visitors don’t venture more than 2 kilometers from the vehicle area, according to estimates. Obviously, this will result in overcrowding. Hike higher, farther, and away from the main tourist attractions to find more alone encounters. 

Our Final Word

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